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Let's Talk About Pipes

April 12, 2016



Metal Pipes offer the most variety at the lowest price. Many metal pipes are molded into very unique designs and offer a more antique or elegant look. Metal pipes can be used discretely by coming in various designs which can resemble lipstick, markers, cigarette lighters etc. The most common metal pipes are modular and have a bowl that connects to a chamber which connects to a mouth piece. The chamber allows users to inhale larger amounts of smoke. Metal Pipes look great and can excel at getting you really high.

Pros: Cheap. Cons: Harsh, may set off metal detector.


Glass pipes are known to give the best tasting smoke. Glass pipes were specifically designed for herbal smoking and don’t produce harmful chemicals when you heat them. Glass pipes also exhibit tons of other exciting characteristics. Some change colors and become more vibrant as you use them. Others are UV reactant or glow in the dark. They’re pretty to look at and are smooth to hit. They come in many shapes and sizes such as spoons, hammers, bubbler, and sidecars. The quality of smoking awarded is definitely worth the extra cost.

Pros: Easy to clean , smoking quality Cons: Fragile, expensive.


Wooden pipes were originally design for use with tobacco but work equally well for inhaling marijuana. Wooden pipes typically have larger sized bowls, which is a plus for packing large hearty bowls. Wood pipes offer a cheap natural way to toke and come in the form of fancy Sherlock-Holmes style pipes or in more discrete concealable versions. Nonetheless, they offer a nice natural flavor and are very stylish.

Pros: Natural. Cons: Wear down with repeated use.


Coming in many different shapes and sizes, stone pipes are often made from travertine or marble. The high heat resistance of stone makes for a clean hassle free hit. They also have a long shelf life because they don’t break or wear down easily. These are a great choice for a long and rough journey or simply someone with butter fingers.

Pros: Natural, durable Cons: Heavy in weight.


The classic corncob pipe is one of the oldest smoking devices. This pipe is popular for its simplicity, ease of use, and clean taste. Smokers will use corn pipes to sample the individual flavors of different strains. To make one, a cob must be dried out for two years before it gets hollowed out and turned into the bowl of a pipe. Man stoners love having a corn pipe in their collection to pull out every now and then.

Pros: Easy to clean, natural. Cons: Wears down with repeated use.

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When taking greens, meaning you get to hit the freshly packed bowl first, don’t put the lighter dead center and torch the entire bowl. Rather than turning the whole bowl to ash, corner your hit by aiming your lighter to one edge. This will leave some greens intact for the next person in rotation.

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