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Let's Talk About Cloud Culture

January 05, 2016

Cloud Culture is inspired by the idea that all of us, regardless of our disparities and differences, are
intertwining threads in one society. We all have a common goal of happiness and exhibit a love for
blowing clouds.

As a result, our mission is to intertwine your love for blowing clouds with the other
passions that drive you. Most of you, like ourselves, are passionate about something; aspiring artists,
athletes, designers, musicians, gamers, entrepreneurs etc. Not to mention all of our hobbyists, from
snowboards to rock climbing, culinary wizards and everything in between. All of you ambitious stoners
and vape enthusiasts who contribute to society and enjoy clouds recreationally; you are cloud culture.

We are immersed in a society that holds us to standards and scolds us for being unique. Our vision is of
a responsible 420 and vape friendly world unshackled by society's standards and defiant of current
conceptions. As a Southern California based company, we are all about good vibes, positivity, and
elevated living. We stand behind the dream chasers, the responsible and passionate people who take
ownership of their lifestyles. Our philosophy is to do what you love. Define yourself by what you believe
in, and live by it.

As we work with industry leading artists and companies, Cloud Culture has become more than just a
place to find quality vape products, accessories, and functional glass art; it is a showcase of highly
talented glass blowers and a community of shared knowledge about great products in the industry.

Cloud Culture celebrates our industry through service quality and commitment. Personally, when we
buy things, we expect courtesy, respect, and responsiveness from a company. So we strive to live and
breathe this same idea in our customer service. At Cloud Culture, fast processing, free shipping, friendly
service, and low pricing are a standard.

It's up to all of us to promote a legal, safe, and responsible community.

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