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Empire Glassworks

Empire Glassworks has aggressively risen the ranks to become a industry power-house and household name. With a seasoned design staff and over 40 years in the bead lamp work world behind it, the Empire's distinct dedication to service and unrivaled attention-to-detail production work has earned it a renowned reputation.

Mini Mushroom Party Recycler Quick View

Mini Mushroom Party Recycler

$ 309.99

Sriracha Sauce Rig Quick View

Sriracha Sauce Rig

$ 209.99

Dragon's Throne Flagship Rig Quick View

Dragon's Throne Flagship Rig

$ 379.99

Rocket Ship Dry Pipe Quick View

Rocket Ship Dry Pipe

$ 94.99

Radioactive Nobilis Dry Pipe Quick View

Radioactive Nobilis Dry Pipe

$ 94.99

Cozmic Critters Dry Pipe Quick View

Cozmic Critters Dry Pipe

$ 149.99

Stellar Bow Bowl Piece Quick View

Stellar Bow Bowl Piece

$ 45.99

Space Cruiser Bowl Piece Quick View

Space Cruiser Bowl Piece

$ 45.99

Radioactive Dust Bowl Piece Quick View

Radioactive Dust Bowl Piece

$ 45.99

Radioactive Bomb Bowl Piece Quick View

Radioactive Bomb Bowl Piece

$ 45.99

Jawsome Bowl Piece Quick View

Jawsome Bowl Piece

$ 54.99

Glacial Glow Bowl Piece Quick View

Glacial Glow Bowl Piece

$ 45.99

Cozmic Glow Bowl Piece Quick View

Cozmic Glow Bowl Piece

$ 45.99

Bug's Life Bowl Piece Quick View

Bug's Life Bowl Piece

$ 74.99

Radioactive Narwhal Dabber Quick View

Radioactive Narwhal Dabber

$ 49.99

Cozmic Narwhal Dabber Quick View

Cozmic Narwhal Dabber

$ 49.99

Narwhal Sushi Dabber Quick View

Narwhal Sushi Dabber

$ 45.99

Sugar Binge Bear Bowl Piece Quick View

Sugar Binge Bear Bowl Piece

$ 45.99

Raging Octopus Sherlock Dry Pipe Quick View

Raging Octopus Sherlock Dry Pipe

$ 79.99

Ronald Hump Dry Pipe Quick View

Ronald Hump Dry Pipe

$ 84.99

Taro Boba Mini Rig Quick View

Taro Boba Mini Rig

$ 209.99

Watermelon Detox Mini Rig Quick View

Watermelon Detox Mini Rig

$ 309.99